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The Sheffield Rolling Road EMAMC Multi Surface Stage Rally Championship 2015

Date Event Location Club
22 February 2015 Riponian Stages Rally North Yorkshire Forests, maps 99, 100 Ripon MSC
12 April 2015 Lookout Rally Melbourne Airfield Trackrod MC
3 May 2015 Hallamshire Stages TBA Sheffield & Hallamshire MC
7 June 2015 Twyford Wood Stages Twyford Wood Mid-Derbyshire MC
28 June 2015 Flying Fortess Rally Grafton Underwood Dukeries MC
13 September 2015 Vale of York Stages Rally Melbourne Airfield Lindholme & Slaithwaite MCs
1 November 2015 Lynn Charity Stages Sculthorpe Kings Lynn & DMC
22 November 2015 Premier Stages Rally Sherwood Forest, map 120 Dukeries MC

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