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The 2020 Wemix Concrete Ltd EMAMC Stage Rally Championship

  Date Club Location Category Event
1 Sun 9th February 2020 Ripon MSC Yorkshire Forests F Riponian Stages
2 Sun 15th March 2020 Dukeries MC Donington A Donington Rally
3 Sun 5th April 2020 Trackrod MC Melbourne   Lookout Stages
4 Sun 14th June 2020 Dukeries MC Grafton Underwood   Flying Fortress Stages
5 Sun 12th July 2020 Mid-Derbyshire MC Twyford Wood F Twyford Stages
6 Sat 15th August 2020 Dukeries MC Donington Park A Dukeries Rally
7 Sun 13th September 2020 Lindholme MSC Melbourne   Vale of York Stages
8 Sun 4th October 2020 Eastwood & DMC Fulbeck   Harold Palin Memorial
9 Sun 15th November 2020 Malton MC Yorkshire Forests F Malton Forest Rally
10 Sun 22nd November 2020 North Humberside MC Cadwell Park A NHMC Cadwell Stages

The 2020 Wemix Concrete Ltd EMAMC championship consists of 10 rounds with the 6 highest scores to count towards the overall championship. For 2020 we have also introduced an Asphalt Challenge across 3 smooth asphalt rounds (marked A in the table) and a Forestry Challenge across 3 rounds using Forestry roads (marked F in the table).

download the Stage Rally Championship Regulations as a printable .pdf file
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at www.adobe.com)

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